Useful Links

Product links included below are based solely on my personal experience. You should compare these to other similar products before making a decision whether they should be considered as part of your own personal plan. And please message me with any questions so I can give you more details on my decision to use these products.

Beachbody – So far, I’ve completed RevAbs, Les Mills Pump, Les Mills Combat, and P90X. I like working out at home, and in one year using these programs totally changed me:

Quest Nutrition – In my opinion, Quest Protein Bars have the cleanest profile on the market:

Beachbody (Shakeology) – The most important supplement for me has been Shakeology. It can be used either as a meal replacement (adding fruit, flaxseed, wheat germ, almond milk, etc.), or as a snack (just mixed with water). The label reads like a multi-vitamin loaded with superfoods. Take a look at the label and decide for yourself:

Bolthouse Farms – This is my exclusive dressing choice at home. I only wish I could find this in restaurants. Look at the labels. For a dressing not made at home, I don’t know if you’ll find any much healthier than these:

Bell Plantation – Peanut Butter in my Shakeology is tasty, but regular peanut butter has a high fat/calorie profile (regardless of the health benefits) which makes it difficult to fit into an overall daily nutrition plan. PB2 powder (when mixed with water IS peanut butter) has 1/4 the calories and around 1/10 the fat. A great alternative to regular peanut butter: