About Me

I am passionate about fitness and nutrition, and have been researching it for almost 30 years. I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge, and wish to share that knowledge with you. I hope to help motivate and inspire you, with the ultimate goal to help you find your own personal healthy lifestyle path.
There is an unlimited amount of information available with regards to fitness and nutrition. Searching the internet with a specific topic that interests you will yield tens of thousands of results. There is a ton of books and magazines devoted to fitness and nutrition. Newspapers and magazines touch upon these subjects all the time. With this information comes a lot of contradiction and beliefs, which in turn can make it all so confusing. In reading this information, some of it may be backed by scientific evidence, or sometimes based on the writers personal experiences, etc. I don’t have all the answers, nor do I believe anyone does. Each of us are unique, and that coupled with what personal goals you may have can yield various potential “solutions”.
I will share information daily on a myriad of topics relating to leading a healthy lifestyle. My hope is to trigger thoughts like “I didn’t know that”, or maybe touch upon something close to you. Regardless, my ultimate goal is to point you in the right direction to best assist you in finding what will work for you. In the end, I hope each of you will find your own personal healthy lifestyle path.
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