We all face adversity in our lives. Family death, economy, injury – it’s not about comparing, but just about how each individual handles the cards dealt to them. Sure, my thoughts are currently fueled by an Achilles injury, something that is healable. But, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s adversity and is greatly altering my current lifestyle.

I mentioned to Denise last night how this injury (my adversity) makes it clearer to understand how someone can fold under the pressure of adversity, and have them taken off of their path and pushed to an entirely new one. The Achilles for instance is for the most part an athletic injury (yes, can happen to anyone, but prevalent in athletics). Consider an athlete who’s economics depends on their body only to be taken out for a year from injury. They want to play – they want to make a living. There may be guaranteed money with a contract for their year of injury, but no guaranty that they’ll ever return to 100% form. Re-injury or replacement (Tom Brady replacing Drew Bledsoe for instance) can alter that person forever. You read about sad stories all the time – athletes who turned to drugs/alcohol and sometimes don’t make it to an elder age, some dying in loneliness and despair. Those same stories happen everywhere – rich, poor, city, suburbs – it’s about life, and when something is taken away from you, it’s up to you to handle it.

Adversity tests ones inner strength. No one, and I mean no one, can fix you. You can have plenty of support from family and friends, but you still have to face each day with your own mind and body. I don’t think any of us comprehend what goes on in our minds, and what it can take to crack your strength and suck the life out of you. This simple injury has fought to bring me down. Yes, I’ve felt down, but not out. I’ve had my share of adversity like everyone else has.

Is there a point to this lengthy post? I guess only to look inside yourself with whatever you are facing, and realize there is enough good in this world to make it worthwhile not to let adversity win. Whether adversity takes something from you temporarily or permanently, until your eyes close forever, you are here to fight and live. All I have to do is look at my wife and best friend Denise and watch how she has handled adversity – she’s a strong woman who whether knows it (or admits it) or not, she is a true inspiration.

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