Monthly Archives: September 2013

Getting and Staying Healthy – Change It Up

Two days completed with my 90 day Body Beast weight training program (to build 10 lbs. muscle). I am sore this morning, accumulated from the two previous days workouts – Build:Chest/Tris and Build:Legs. It’s amazing that even though I’ve been working out hard for a long time, changing up your routine that provides a different focus gives your body something new to do, thus the soreness.

Doing body building coupled with truly focusing on my nutrition is a challenge. Counting macros, increasing calorie intake, and dedicating myself to eating clean for the duration of the 12-week program means more dedication than I’ve previously shown with other programs, and I have been dedicated. That means no extra snacking, no alcohol, no cheating – weekends included. It means changing the mindset from focusing on trying to cap calorie and fat intake thinking it’s all about staying thin/losing weight, to just focusing on eating the right balance of macros and eating enough calories to give my body fuel to grow muscle mass.

This has totally broken me weighing myself on the scale habit. I know over the next 60 days I’m going to gain weight/fat before I hit the final cutting stage to trim the fat. So I have no desire, other than at the normal 30-day check-in intervals, to weigh myself. I don’t even feel 1% draw to the scale.

I have loved the previous programs I’ve done, like P90X, a hugely challenging physical exercise program. But this is new territory for me, and I embrace it. I workout less than 1-hour per day (except when I throw in an extra routine here or there), and I’m eating healthy. I’m not getting any younger, and I am a firm believer in taking care of myself. I’m not a gym rat spending 1/2 my day in the gym – it’s just around an hour + time spent researching/thinking about nutrition.

If you want any advice on what you can do on your own to better you overall health, please message me. Although I have some fitness programs and a healthy meal replacement shake I can sell you, that’s ONLY if it fits you. There are all kinds of ways to get healthy – I’d love to help you.