Family – Integral To The Healthy Lifestyle

I love talking about fitness and nutrition. I truly want to help people find their own personal path to living a healthier life. It’s a good feeling to hear people talk about how their own body and/or inner feelings no longer make them feel down, and knowing that I in some way big or small have helped them along the way.

But sometimes, life gets in the way of me talking about fitness and nutrition. And this weekend, that “life” has been quite special thanks to family. I’ve said it many times, but the healthy lifestyle isn’t all about nutrition and exercise. It’s about living. It’s about grabbing a moment and cherishing it. It’s about knowing what is most important.

This weekend I spent some quality time with my son and daughter-in-law, my nephew and niece (by marriage) local to me, and my nephew (by marriage) and niece that came up from Florida to visit. I love them all dearly, and they each brought something that made the weekend so much more special, and something to always remember. I have a grandson who is nearly 4 years old now, but each of the aforementioned couples just recently had babies, and they all converged on my house. Words cannot describe how precious the grandsons and grand nephews are, and how I feel right now having this weekends memories with me for life.

Thank you SO much Joshua/Ira, J.C./Julianne, and John/Meagan for making my (and Denise’s) weekend something never to forget. DSC03402

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