Making Your Meal – Be Adventurous

Call me the “wing it” cook. I don’t follow recipe books, nor do I watch cooking shows to learn. One day I probably will (and should) do the aforementioned in order to get a true understanding of seasonings and various cooking methods in order to take my healthy food preparation to a whole new level.

The other night for dinner I didn’t feel like cooking one of my standard 3-course meals (fish/meat/chicken; sweet potato/rice; vegetables). So I opened up the freezer and refrigerator and winged it by just grabbing some “stuff”.

  • Honey Grain Bagel – untoasted
  • Turkey (I cook whole turkeys and freeze the meat)
  • Sliced onion
  • Avocado
  • Sliced Tomato
  • Sprinkling of the Hormel real bacon bits
  • Fresh basil from the garden (I take no credit – my wife does 100% of the vegetable and herb garden)
  • For the spreads – Tzatziki (mayo replacement), garlic hummus, spicy mustard
  • Side of steamed asparagus topped with parmesan cheese

Simple to whip up, and it was tasty & filling.20130722_195512

You end up with some unique tastes when you just whip things together without over thinking the preparation process.

Give it a try – be creative.

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