Living A Healthy Lifestyle – What It Did For Me

I am a firm believer not to get caught up in your visual appearance or a number on a scale when you are starting out on a journey to change yourself. But, I personally used those tools as reference to my healthy lifestyle path to see if my choices were working for me.
When you take that first step into your healthy lifestyle journey, and are ready to work at it every day, the most important thing to focus on is staying the course. Learning about nutrition and starting to make small changes in your life are key. Exercise is an important ingredient in the process, as I believe diet alone isn’t the best medicine. Although a diet can shed pounds from you, it doesn’t make you fitter, because you are doing nothing for your body (lean muscle growth, stronger core, etc). And cardio should be included in the mix too.
When I visually look at my own transformation since the time I truly began to understand how to live a healthy lifestyle, of course I like what I see. But it’s just a visual snapshot of a change over a period of time. How my clothes fit, how I feel in general (no bloated feeling, overall stronger feeling, more endurance) – those are much better benchmarks to your progress.
May 2010 vs Sep 2012 vs Mar 2013

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